April 12, 2008

In light of what's happening

back home to one of our pack of dogs, Little Anne, Big Ben and all, there has been some issues going back and forth with the people at the farm and the authorities.

Our dogs have been abused by the workers there repeatedly. Rocks thrown. Whacked by long sticks. The problem is with some workers there who are fearful of dogs and their instinctive fear spark off an instinctive reaction from the dogs who are simply just a superbly friendly bunch.

But dogs, all animals, they are very sharp at sensing their environments and the vibes around them. They sense your fear, your anger, your meanness, threats. Conversely, they sense your good will and welcoming stance. Unfortunately, the dogs and some of the workers there just could not get along and to ward off their fear, the workers resort to hitting the dogs to keep them at bay.

Little Anne has been limping since.

Recently, the authorities have been complained to by some people from the farm and they have been down to the farm a few times now to attempt to round up the dogs and cull them. Even though they are ALL sterilised by public funds. After negotiation, we are given time to move them all out of the farm, presumably by end of April.

But again, the dog catchers went down yesterday to catch and kill the dogs...

The pack now faces dangers from both the workers who abuse them and the authories who just wants to get rid of them.

I guess we do not have much choice. For the sole purpose of their safety, we may have to arrange to relocate all 8 of them to a shelter. We will have to consider this carefully for the longterm financial commitment for this pack.

This is just another case to depict the stories of our street dogs whom many of you have not even seen. But they are out there. And their right to a free life is thwarted by many factors beyond their control. Unfortunately. It is easy to destroy something you do not know.

We have to seriously either look for good homes for some of them or relocate all of them to a safe shelter. Contact us if there is a good home for them or you would like to assist us in any way in relocating this pack.

The ones the authorities are out to destroy - Little Anne, Big Ben, Jordan, Jamie, Jonah. (on their trips to the vet to be sterilised)

When I look at their photos now, remembering from where I am now in NZ - their natural exuding honest joy at seeing you ... their carefree days that many humans know not off in our relentless rat race in a concrete world ... their loyalty and family bond that could put ours to shame sometimes ... their faith in you that you would keep them safe.

Or maybe, at the end of it all, they are the ones who have been keeping us safe. Safe from getting lost in a world of cheap materialism, transient loyalty and diluted integrity. They always keep me grounded to the trueness of life -- seen so often, so well-lived out -- on the streets.

Let us keep them safe.