December 30, 2007

Just returned from an amazing fellowship

with dear brothers and sisters. The kind of fellowship that leaves your heart open, vulnerable.

As I come closer to the first step towards my journey to NZ, there is inevitably a sense of anxiety that arises now and then. Moments when I catch myself wondering, hey....just what do I think I am do I think I am ever going to make it through.

But tonight, among my dear friends, I am comforted by their overflowing faith into my life. Words of power to strengthen and reaffirm. Little gifts so great with meaning.

There will be moments in your life when you are uncertain. When you wonder if this is really the right path, the right choice, the right person for you. We have those moments. I have learnt through time, that we are hardly ever 100% sure about anything all the time.

But, if you find yourself ... keep coming back to a path ....a dream .... a vision ... a person ... if MOST OF THE TIME, your heart is open, at peace, with joy when you are thinking about a dream, and being with a person ... then hey, be bold, take that step forward and go for it.

Forget about the moments of displeasure, doubt, angst. These moments exist but they do not determine the truth. The rain may come before your BBQ but that doesn't mean you pack up all your things and leave to go home and sulk and moan that it is your bad day. No! You find a shelter first and you stay put. You let the rain go by with FAITH in your heart that after the dark clouds, THE SKY WILL BE CLEAR BLUE. Your party will go on, as planned.

Your dream will come to pass as you have seen it in your heart.

Let the little showers come and go. They always will go. And soon after, the skies are always a clear blue.

Be brave now. Let go of the past and the 'if onlys' and reach forward to your dreams. They are you. They are why you are here in the first place.

All things are working together for your good.

December 28, 2007

World street dogs







Bang Kok





We are not that different. All across the world.

December 26, 2007

The dogs of Manawatu

Don't they look so full of character?
New Zealand. Manawatu. Palmerston North. That is where I am heading.

December 24, 2007


is a trust that Life is good,
Love is powerful,
& the future is full of promise. "

Therefore ...

Trust steadily
Hope unswervingly
Love extravagantly.

Blessed Christmas everyone. It has been good. And it shall only get better.

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

December 22, 2007

We planned our Thursday morning

to visit Mama Girl, then BB then Shadow. Yes, just 1 word - heartwarming. :)

First to Mama Girl / Goldie. She has settled down well with her kind family, and has marked out a couple of her personal favourite spots for the day and night. She is still timid when the weather turns bit rough with thunders and showers, but that's alright. They face the same when living on the streets and they will learn to cope with these natural elements. We got her a lamb shank bone for a treat. An enjoyment for her! Mama Girl is one out of the many street/farm dogs who is now blessed with a safe, kind home. We continue to hold high hopes for her family who are now still living at the farm.

Next stop to BB / Bagel. After being perpetually chained up for 2 years, Bagel is having his best Christmas ever this year! Very amiable, sweet fellow who is making up for lost time and comforts by snoozing the morn/noon away on his big, soft, comfy cushion, and even jumping on the family couch for naps! :) His new family, wonderful people, has granted him his very own snooze corner. We were told at times Bagel shows his deep satisfaction by snoozing on the couch, beagle belly up. :)

From life in chains to such a dog-friendly family who naturally understands the needs and dreams of dogs, Bagel's daily wish as he laid on cold hard floor, neck weighted down by a metal chain -- his wish of a new home has come true, far and beyond what he would think was possible I believe. If I am Bagel, this new home and family I have now is enough to have me smiling goofily for the rest of my days. Our little boy is truly FREE. Amazing.

Pardon the bad shots & videos! My mind wasn't quite there as I was busy feeling so amazingly touched by the miracles I see manifesting right before my eyes.

I was waiting in anticipation to see Shadow. Been quite a while since we last met. She always has a special place in my heart, for what she has gone through since puppyhood. Her first year was dimmed by people who killed her spirit, chaining her the whole day with a very short metal chain, most ironically, on the front porch of a huge bungalow with a big garden that Shadow could never step upon. Utter neglect and cheap diet caused her skin to dry out and flake all over her body. The chains were killing her slowly. Draining the young life that had been so eager to please. But with each passing day in chains, her eyes grew dimmer and dimmer. Yet she never seemed to give up hope. When we visited, her whole body, her entire being quivers and cries out to us -- for just a touch, a kind word, a hug. How much she longed for just a little bit of love. It was very painful, very painful to leave her each time we visited as we made plans for her exit from that family, as there were some issues to be settled and convincing to do, and also plans to make for Shadow.

Rescued to ALL
Foster care

Home sweet home

When we finally freed her early last year, a heavy weight was also freed from my heart. She spent a few months at the boarding kennels before a blessing come upon her, and she was chosen, among so many waiting for homes, and adopted into a most kind-hearted family who has opened their hearts to her as she has, unreservedly, to them. With her simple heart to love, Shadow has won the family over and is very much loved in return. Seeing Shadow with her family and new friend, Shane (a retriever look-alike boy who was found near their home), I am reminded again -- miracles do happen.

For as long as we carry HOPE in our hearts, MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN. Time and again. For that one simple reason -- to show us LOVE. To show us, that when we live with hope in our hearts, we live ourselves, as LOVE. And we shall be a blessing to others.

The days have been wet & Shadow has a bit of a rash. She's wearing the tee-shirt to prevent her from scratching too much. She was even beautified with a bouganvilla bloom! :)
Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have walked with us this year. Who have blessed us with your supportive words, advice, gifts. Most importantly, by letting us know in your ways, that you are there when we need a hand, when the road gets a bit rough, when we just wanted a pat on our shoulders. You let us know you are there.

Thank you for being part of the miracles we have experienced this year. We wish you HOPE, LOVE & MORE BEAUTIFUL MIRACLES this Christmas and the New Year to come.

December 21, 2007

We went a-visiting yesterday

to Mama Girl (Goldie), BB (Bagel) and dear Shadow. Just 1 word - heartwarming.

Will share more later.

December 14, 2007

Little ones

Here u can see Lucky trying to spar with Sleepy Boy. Check out Sleepy Boy's little waggy tail.

December 13, 2007

1 of Ah Girl's

Lucky, Pup3, Pup2, Pup4

pups, the gal, has been rehomed to L's contact and we have to follow up on this family. Here we have all the 4 boys - just beginning to eat puppy kibbles on their own. And young as they are, they are already paper-trained and come when called. Smart fellows.

Pup2: This sleepy fellow above is one of the friendliest boys. He is a very willing pal. Little tail wagging happily, scooting up close to sniff you out and give you puppy nibbles.

Pup3: This is sleepy fellow's look-alike brother, both with furrowed brows

Pup4: This one here is a bit more quiet and happy to stay at his corner, watching the activities with a gentlemanly air.

Now, this fellow, whom the guard is keeping, is Lucky. He is the big boy of the pack. Both in size and attitude. He stands out with his glossy black coat and puppy fat and his big-brother attitude. Somehow, Lucky seems to know he is the chosen one. Of all 4, he was the only one who walked out beyond their sleeping pad and came to rest under the guard's chair. And, picture this, this was exactly what Ah Boy did when he came to the guard as a pup this age.

Pup2 and Pup3 will be adopted by A this Saturday, leaving Pup4 still awaiting a home. Do help us look out for a good family for him.

Visited Mama Rock

at her new home. She was rehomed few weeks back through a contact. Huge bungalow with a big front garden and backyard. However, stepping onto the grounds, I was reminded of Shadow's first house. Similar large space. Stand-alone bungalow. But devoid of life. It is suspected that, despite the owners' initial enthusiasm, Rock was adopted to be just a guard dog. For her guarding look and bark. Not so much for who she is, nor for the companionship she needs.

Rock is a very loyal dog. Earnest and respectful of the person she looks to as leader. She is very respectful of V who taught her from the start not to jump on her cos being so powerful as a rottie, she can knock you off with her weight. So Rock has developed a comical habit of walking a few steps alongside V and the minute V stops, Rock sits down immediately by her side. Every few steps, she will stop as V stops.

Being very strong as a rottie and bearing a sense of wariness against strangers initially before she warms up, she needs a family who has experience and is familiar with the character of rotties. Once she gives you her trust, you can be assured of a passionately loyal companion for life.

Email us at if you can offer Rock a home.

December 10, 2007

Sometimes, a miracle creeps up

to you and catch you unaware.

It neither shocks you nor makes you giddily elated. But rather, when it comes, it makes you sigh. Your heart softens. Your eyes glow with a warmth of hope arising to bring forth a smile.

Read here of JT's update on BB, our little beagle boy who has spent much of his last 2 years weighted down by metal chains that have left their mark on his neck. His family, through the earnest persuasion and advice and very dedicated visits and walks by JT, has finally resolved to give BB up to a home who can offer him LIFE beyond chains.

Thank you JT. This miracle we receive now is due in large to your faith in the good things to come for BB. May this joy remain in you as a reminder of wondrous things to come for you. Thank you so much.

"Now, FAITH is the substance of things hoped for."

From JT:

"A miracle for BB, now named Bagel. His new life with C and her family began on 8 December 2007.

I reached slightly earlier than C, and Bagel was already off chains. Our exuberant boy couldn't keep his excitement. He must have thought I was going to bring him out again. As i thought about it, I smiled. Yes we were going to bring him out, away from those chains. Never again was he going to be held down by the weight of those hard cold metal. Never again was he going to sleep on the cold hard floor outside the house.

This might possibly be Bagel's first warm Christmas too.

When we reached his new residence, our little bagel boy did not hesitate to start exploring the new premises. It took him a long while to settle down. He must never had so much freedom and was still adjusting to this new life.

C has been updating about Bagel. He has a really warm soft towel throw to sleep on , on the floor, inside the house with his owner. Latest update from C: Bagel is calmer now,already taking naps now and then, asking for "sayang" and not bothered by every noise now. Also knows how to head back in the direction of "home" after walks."

I always believe dogs who have a second chance of a new life of love and freedom knows how to give back to their new owners in their own doggy ways. And I'm sure, in C's good hands, and a warm family to live with, Bagel boy will grow to be a calm and confident boy, with lots of doggy affection for his new family.

Have a very blessed christmas Bagel! We are all happy for you.

The following picture show Bagel in his new home, putting his nose in every nook and corner, before finally settling down. but not for long and he was up on his feet again exploring the place."

There is a new softness in his eyes, isn't there?

This is what keeps us going. One life at a time.

The last time I saw

mama cat and her kid was more than 2 weeks ago. Just a few days after that, they 'disappeared'.

I thought that 'thing' had happened to them - being quite friendly to passers-by and her kid being still small and vulnerable, I thought they had been caught and taken away to be culled. We checked with the authorities and on record, they did not have any cats from this area.

Maybe some kind soul decided to bring both mom and kid home, as the area they were living at was not safe with cars coming by fast and unaware.
Days became a week and I thought I would not see them anymore. But I did. Was walking back when I ran into my friend walking her dog. Just as we were standing there chatting, mama cat appeared from amongst the tall grass! But cos the dog was there, she was edgy and ran off round the corner. I was relieved to see that she is well and fine. I didn't see her kid then.

Then, just this morning as I was taking my early walk, I rounded the corner and there, right in front of my eyes were mama cat and her tiger-striped kitty! They have chosen to relocate to a safer spot, away from fast vehicles. Smart move and a wonderful sight to start my day!

December 6, 2007

We could possibly have a place

for 2 of Ah Boy's pups. Will talk more with potential adopter to establish understanding. If this works out well, we will have 1 more female and 1 male to be rehomed. Little Lucky will stay with Ah Girl where they are.
Do contact us when you know of good families for these pups. They are ready to be rehomed in a few weeks time.


Get wild, green & rouge

and "get into the festive mood and the end-of-year party spirit and help support the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC) at the same time, by joining us at the Wild, Green 'n Rouge party at Rouge Club this Friday (7th December) evening!

Money raised on the night will go towards the establishment of the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC) - Singapore’s first centre dedicated to rescuing animals from the illegal wildlife trade and giving them a second chance at life." ~ ACRES

Wild, Green 'n Rouge (
Date: 7th December 2007 (Friday)
Venue/Map: Rouge Club, Peranakan Place Complex @ 180 Orchard Road
Time: 8pm till late
Cover charge: $20 to include entrance and one drink (18 years and above)

December 5, 2007

A reminder of The Rescuer's Creed

I shall be a believer of all that is good in man
and of all that is deserving in animals.

I shall plead for their lives, campaign for their safety
and uphold their right to a natural death.
I shall seek out the injured and the maimed, the unloved and the abandoned, and tend to them in their last days.

I shall not forget their place in the hierarchy of life,
nor that we walk in each other's paths.
I shall bear witness to the wonder they bring into our lives
and to the beauty they bestow upon our souls.

I shall renew their spirits when they are waning,
bind their wounds when they bleed, cradle them when they whimper,
and comfort them when they mourn.

I shall be near them in their hour of greatest need
- a companion and a friend when the time has come.
I shall watch over them and console them
and ask that the angels gather them in their arms.

From the creatures of the earth
I shall learn the fruits of compassion and undying love,
and I shall be called the beloved of God.

In their company, I shall indeed be blessed.

~ Susan M Pearson ~

December 3, 2007

Please look out

Mom Ah Girl, always out of reach.

for good homes for these pups who are ready for adoption in a few weeks. And the management needs them out by then as Ah Girl has been very protective and defensive of her pups, causing some inconvenience to the staff at this building.

Have HOPE that these little ones will be going to good homes very soon.

A fresh new beginning

is coming along for BB, our young Beagle boy whose exuberance and eagerness in life has been curbed by the weight of chains, which has left their marks around his neck. Soon, this weight that he has known for so many days will be lifted when he goes to his new home this weekend.

A report from JT who has been so dedicated in visiting BB and taking him for walks to relieve him from chains, even if for just 30mins, I am sure BB's heart came alive. I believe it is true, isn't it? When your heart comes alive, you can't help but attract the blessings that are already prepared for you.

BB's heart must have been most alive after his special day out with JT & T at Bishan Park. And shortly after this, his blessing found him in the person of C. A new beginning before the end of the year. Cheers to this!

"God provides. Truly and abundantly. He gave BB a sunshine day out. Eventhough weather forecast said passing showers in the morning, we had none ofthat. The weather was just perfect, wonderful sun rays, a light breezeblowing through the park. We got there just about 8am, after a 15 min carride. BB was pacing up and town in the van. Understandable. He's never been in one, but never gave any trouble. He's a true sniffer king, putting his nose in everything, guess he just can't helped it. He is a good boy, just didn't know how to get up the small van, so I had to carry him. When we got there, he knew just how to get down. I guess he could smell the park, andof course, i'm sure his other canine counterparts!It was all excitement for BB the moment he set his feet (and nose!) on Bishan Park. Trees , poles, the grass, shrubs, everything was new andexciting for him. His tail was up, and you could see from his expression, he was just so happy.For a dog who's chained up half his life, and who has not been well socialised with other dogs, BB was well behaved, but understandly every bitstill exciteable with other dogs, but just as quickly he also learned toget used to them. He made a new friend, a beautiful local breed called"cookie" :)Here are some pictures from last saturday's day out. Hope it covers BB from most angles."

December 2, 2007

"I am only one,

but still I am one.

I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.

I will not refuse to do the something I can do.

~ Helen Keller

Thank L for this. I believe it speaks to those who dare to step out and offer a piece of their hearts to causes beyond themselves. To humans and animals alike. Causes which may bring heartaches and grief in moments. But always, enduring memories of the strength of the soul and even more so ... the courage to be utterly vulnerable.