October 18, 2009

We welcome you

to join us on a more interactive platform over at our FaceBook Page:


For those of you who have already joined in, thank you. We hope to continue our walk together in uplifting the awareness and creating a conscious participation in our animal welfare scene.

And may each encounter with a needy animal make our hearts more tender. Our minds wiser. And our actions kinder.

We look forward to seeing you on Project JK Page.

October 12, 2009

Watch out for

星期二特写 on 13 Oct at 10.30pm Channel 8.

"The programme is featuring the harsh lives of our street dogs as well as their caregivers"...thanks G for sharing!

October 11, 2009

Ahhh... and our husky boy takes a breather

Photos of Shin, the rescued Siberian Husky, taking a breather after quite a length of a walk. Had a last minute urge some evenings ago to walk the boy and although I hadn't seen him often enough, he knows when I visit, it means treat and a walk in the park.

After J's effort to bring along ice-cold water for Junior & Ginne on one of their excursions after vet consultation, I've been mindful that in our local tropical climate it is best to bring along water for the dogs however hardy they seem to be. Especially for Shin.

So towards the end of our traipsing the length of the park and back, I poured water over his coat to reduce heating in case his body was overheated beneath the thickness of coat. At least he didn't seem to mind. Water for quenching thirst, for hydration and for reducing body heat.

I've been, mostly, a mongrel person when it comes to dogs. Would you have any tip in caring for or walking an Arctic breed in Singapore (although I'm not exactly supportive of the idea of the presence of such breed in this country) ?

Beautiful walk with Shin.

October 8, 2009

Remembering some of the strays

whom we've crossed paths with. Much as I hope is not the case, many more are still out there - among farms, in forested areas, construction sites - often out of sight thus out of mind for many urban dwellers.

Thus our efforts to bring to light the reality of the strays living amidst you.

Spare a minute for these lives out there and find a space in your heart to help them, in any little way you can.

Appearing old due to his chronic mange

I named her Frodo

Lovely girl living in the forest with her brother, she has since disappeared.

Born wild

Buttercup - last surviving gal from a first-time mom and later run over and killed by a lorry.

October 6, 2009

Replying emails

Hi all, it seems that Yahoo mail could be undergoing extreme revisions which has resulted in a number of emails not sent out, be it new compositions or replies. We realise that a few emails assumed to have been sent out remain as half-saved drafts in our Draft folder and even when we clicked 'Send' a few times and a series of success messages appeared, the email was never sent.

For now, I can't even log in to file a feedback to the technical team, hence, if you've sent an email and there are still no replies, after a few days, please resend us.

projectjkteam [at] yahoo dot com dot sg

October 3, 2009

Adopt a Siberian Husky



Shin, a 6 year-old male Siberian Husky, was rescued from a HDB home where he was leashed to the kitchen window all day—no walks, no opportunities of socialisation. He slept, ate and defecated within a 1m radius.

When we rescued him in ’08, his legs were found wobbly due to stunted growth and his nails were hooked and long. He was given a mere plate of rice, meshed with an egg a day.

Now after a year of proper foster care, Shin is completely different. He is fattened up, well socialised and lives in a community of other dogs. He is ready to go to a good forever home.

We are looking for an owner who understands the needs of the breed and knows the requirements of keeping a Siberian Husky in Singapore’s humid climate. Importantly, we are looking for a family who is willing and ready to commit to loving and caring for Shin for the rest of his life.

Shin is: 6 yrs old/male/people friendly/loves his walks (cool weather)/castrated/vaccinated/dewormed/groomed regularly/trained of basic commands/a loving companion for life.

We appreciate if you could forward this to your family and friends. Interested parties, do make a careful decision. Contact projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg

Petshops' profits

Question: can a petshop make money without selling animals?

Or may I rephrase: can a petshop make as much money without selling animals, as a petshop which sells animals?

October 2, 2009

How moving, how inspiring

From Monty Roberts' The Man Who Listens to Horses

Horses had no answer to the [Genghis] Khan's cruelty, had no voice. But they did have a language. No one saw it, no one tried to see it, but that language has probably existed for 45 million years, virtually unchanged. We should put this into perspective: Humankind has been on this planet for only a few hundred thousand years, and already human language has fragmented into thousands of different tongues.

The absence of communication between human and horse has led to a disastrous history of cruelty and abuse. As a result, we did not gain the willing cooperation of the horse nearly as much as we might have done. Our loss has been considerable--the emotional connection with the horse has been diminished, but so has the performance and work we might have gained.

It is a balance I have tried to redress during a lifetime's work with horses. Happily, that work continues.