January 30, 2008

On behalf of ASD

"Hi everyone

Carmen the boxer who got adopted last Sat, slipped her collar this afternoon after being startled by a loud noise.
She was last seen running along Cecil St. Her point of origin was at Club Street.

Those who are working in that area, please help to look out for her and contact us immediately at 98801137 (Yvonne) or 92590698 (Pager).

She is also microchipped with the number 702055550002277

Please help to find her when you are on the way to work, during lunch or after work. She is lost again and really needs our help.

Thank you very much for your help.

Ricky Yeo
Action for Singapore Dogs"

Carmen was rescued by ASD few months back. She was then totally emaciated, ravaged by mange and dejected of hope, having been struggling to survive on her own in a canal. Through sheer love and patience, she was nursed back to health. Now, learning that she is lost again is indeed unfortunate news. Please look out for her and contact ASD.

This was Carmen some months back. And this is why I feel for her. I can't imagine what she has gone thru to get to this very sad stage. Let us agree in hope that she will be found and reunited with her new family.

January 29, 2008

Mama Rock recuperating

This morning, we brought heartworm-infected Mama Rock to the vet for her second jab. Two jabs in two consecutive days. Amazingly, we were greeted with a more enervated Mama Rock who finally ate the dish of deboned chicken meat and kibbles the petshop prepared for her.

Just yesterday, as we split our ways and went about with our 'non-animal welfare' lives, each of us was worried sick about how Mama Rock was faring. As I write, I can't help but feel uncomfortable with Mama Rock's condition -- the tad of blood in her stools, her loss of appetite, listlessness, feebleness, clear signs of discomfort and her loneliness -- detached from the familiar environment of the farm and her son. All indicative of an animal patient spiralling down in health and spirit.

So we rang the vet to seek professional advice -- Dr L pondered momentarily if we should bring her back for a second look, but against these odds, we cast our faith with an open heart... and very thankfully, moved on to the next day, with an improved Mama Rock.

A Rotteweiler-cross so gentle in nature, so in need of care.

The last we visited Mama Rock today, she has yet to eat her food, mixed with the crushed aspirins that serve to prevent the worms' clogging of the vessels. Listlessly, she lied in one corner of the pen.

With a case like Mama Rock's, we find ourselves constantly in a state of constant negotiations -- negotiating with the petshop for discounted boarding price, negotiating with tight schedules, negotiating with dilemmas on deciding what's best for our animal in question, negotiating with the constraints of budget, negotiating, negotiating, negotiating. Battles of negotiations.

At the end of the day, it will be Mama Rock's recovery that'll light up sparks of hope in our lives. As of now, I'm heartened to know there are people who are with us, with her, in her strive for recovery.

29 Jan 08

28 Jan 08 - Mama Rock, obvious to the human eye, was down

At the vet's, after her first jab to treat heartworm

As we move with Mama Rock's recovery, we appeal to the public for your monetary support in Mama Rock's case. You could be a total stranger, but if you're interested to help our motherly (and friendly) Rottweiler-cross, do email us at projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg . We hope that donations will cover her [discounted] boarding fees (for two weeks) and medical bills.

Japan: federal budget for abandoned pets

A friend forwarded to me a Chinese article published on Lianhe Zaobao on the Japanese government's allocation of federal budget to cater to abandoned pets. The following are some (translated) key points to share.

Possibilities, aspirations, dreams.

- Federal budget S$4,670,000 allocated to abandoned pets -- medical and maintenance fees
- In 2006, about 300,000 pets abandoned in the country
- 'No Kill' policy initiated by health/hygiene and environmental authorities
- Incentives (subsidies on vaccination and food supplies) provided to adoptive owner, as well.
- Animal rights issues are brought up during cabinet meetings
- To reduce abandoned pets by half in 10 years.



● 符祝慧(东京特派员)

Source: http://www.zaobao.com/gj/gj080127_508.shtml

January 27, 2008

Doby makes my morning

I just returned from seeing Doby, brought by J and her husband to 'test water' at the petshop where our boy will be boarded in the near future for one month. Familiarisation was ok, and our adoptive parents are happy with the condition where Doby will call home for the one month.

But more to discuss, as Doby, freshly graduated from basic levels of training, has a temperament that needs a dose of special attention.

Nevertheless, it was a great morning -- the very sight of Doby, all sturdy (and surprisingly medium-sized, compared to his stray dad and mum) and friendly, makes my morning. It reminds me of how I should be thankful -- having J and family accepted Doby into their family, their doing a marvellous job at nurturing a dog they didn't intend to keep; the hope that keeps us going.

An encouraging Sunday morning.

January 26, 2008

Pictures to tell the story

Homeground. Uncle welcoming Ah Girl home.

The enclosure for Ah Girl and Lucky is L-shape which can be seen in 4 main portions.

Portion 1: Area where Ah Girl and her pups were. The gate newly installed. She is very comfortable at this area and even without the gate before, she will choose to come back here to sleep for the night.

Portion 2: Concrete ground leading to grass patch. (looking back towards portion 1)

Portion 3: Ample grass patch for play.
Leading to Portion 4: Concrete ground goes all the way along red brick wall leading to the back gate.

As of this morning, mother and son are both safe and sound within their space. Thank you for all your support and very kind donations towards Ah Girl and Lucky. As I watch them both, we can breathe a sigh of relief now.

January 25, 2008

The fencing to the enclosure

for Ah Girl & Lucky has been constructed. Tomorrow morning, they will be brought back home.

These photos were taken last month.

This is part of the enclosure where Ah Girl was staying in when she had her puppies. This portion extends back to another green patch which offers Ah Girl space and safety.

Wanna hear some GOOD NEWS?? :)

Yes! Your well wishes and hopes have manifested into a beautiful blessing for Ah Girl.

We spoke with the management and showed them photos of Ah Girl, recounting her harrowing experiences to them, sharing with them the simplicity of Ah Girl's needs - just a place to live. This is all she needs and I would like to believe that, whatever it is within our means, we will work towards giving her this very humble request.

Just a place to live.

And bless their kind hearts, the management has called to say that they were very touched and will certainly welcome Ah Girl back onto their premises!!

Right at this moment, contractors have been called in to build up a fence on both ends of a long strip of area on 1 side of the building, a portion of which is where Ah Girl was nursing her pups when they were born - so she is familiar with that area.

This will be the enclosure where Lucky and now Ah Girl will stay in - safely off the streets and away from any more threat of being caught and culled.

We will help settle all the paper work and licences, after which both dogs are legally permitted on the premises. They are now safe to live out their God-given life. Mother and son.

We are aware that Ah Girl is not your typically friendly, waggy, affectionate doggy. She has been conditioned to be wary of humans from a young age. When she somehow ended up by herself at that area, away from her pack. Very likely, she could have been dumped there by someone.

I believe she was fending for herself before she came to this area, met Ah Boy, and stayed on as his companion.

She is not entirely comfortable with us yet. And I am not entirely reading her thoughts and how she is feeling. Give her some time to know that we humans mean her no harm. That we would not again corner her when she was unaware, and forcefully take her against her will. That we would not decide to snuff out her life, just because she is a stray.

Whether a dog is friendly or not - that is NOT the reason at all for determining whether he or she gets to live. We each have our own character. There are obnoxious persons and individuals we hope we never have to associate with. What do we do with humans of that kind? We adapt, don't we? We sit down and take a look at the situation, and make the changes/moves needed to live in a semblance of harmony. We make an effort. Things CAN be changed for the better.

Even though Ah Girl may not be as people friendly as some of us may hope, a LIFE is a LIFE. And I believe the nature of our strays, those who wary, will be altered when we are patient to give them time to sense us. To re-learn their opinions of us. To re-tune their instincts of fight or flight.

I have confidence that in time, Ah Girl will understand that the people around her now will never mean her any harm. That within her enclosure with Lucky, she does not have to fight anymore. She will now be safe.

This is my good news for all of you today. :)

Mama Rock's release

It became pointless and in fact, ridiculous, to us when V started visiting Mama Rock on an almost-everyday basis, just to provide food and check on the dog who obediently sits and waits for her piece of meat -- she remembers V very well.

It became pointless for V to continue tending to a dog whom she's adopted out. To a family with a private bungalow that boasts sprawling gardens and a long driveway, to family that didn't mind V visiting and buying food for Mama Rock's meals.

For the long-term welfare of Mama Rock, we took Mama Rock out from what we thought was initally a good adoptive home, after explaining to the (ex-)owners our unchanging intentions that simply, Mama Rock, deserves more than this.

Strangely, the family posed no sign of resistance and even asked if we had other dogs for adoption. Shopping for dogs. Dogs lined up on imaginary shelves.

We next brought Mama Rock for her medical checkup. V's intuitions on the necessity to do a heartworm test confirmed something in us, when indeed, Mama Rock was tested positive for heartworms. As much as we should handle each animal welfare 'case' rationally, there is always something tacitly connected between caregiver and animal. For Mama Rock's case, it is a caregiver who's spent decades tending to the strays -- her intuitions, devoid of any clinical approach, are derived from something we find it hard to explain. Tacit.

So come Monday, we will bring Mama Rock for her second appointment. Her vaccination has been done, too. On a side note, the adoptive family offered no help in supporting her medical fees; V paid with her own money.

While it unnerves us to consider the outright irresponsible behaviour of Mama Rock's adoptive parents, we're thinking of going for another shot at adoption -- to seriously put Mama Rock up for adoption. For her potential as a lifetime companion, her compatibility to urban living with humans, in spite of the Rottweiler blood in her.

Do share with us your thoughts, or if you have a good family in mind.


Far from active restlessness, Mama Rock buried into my tummy to seek stability during car rides

At the vet's, after her vaccination. Her forenails showed signs of overgrowth, indicative that she was never walked out of the perimeters of the house.

Prior to her release visit, we visited Mama Rock with V to find her dish filled with chunks of chicken gizzards that were uncleaned from the inside. Also notice on the left of the photo, a mesh of red cable which was used to tie her to the table.

January 23, 2008

Sensing how traumatized and

bewildered Ah Girl must have been since Friday, we decided to bring her pup, Lucky to join her at the clinic, to get his microchip and vax and more importantly to offer a sense of something familiar for Ah Girl.

If I am her, in an entirely foreign place with strange people and stranger experiences for the past days, just seeing and being close to a familiar face is all I will hope for.

Morning pee break

So, early this morning, we went to pick Lucky up and got on our way. Little fellow he was, this was the first time he has ever been in a moving vehicle. First time feeling air con on his face.

A little on the way, he got fidgety and whiney, climbing on my lap to peer out the window. He was getting uneasy.

Soon, the big yawns, the licking of lips, the anxious eyes ...... oh no .... here comes the clear signs of CARSICKNESS! :)

Not once, not twice, but 3 times, little Lucky puked his meal out. Thank goodness I had a towel on me and managed to hold ALL 3 times of puppy puke! The last one just as we were reaching the clinic. Poor funny fellow.

Well, at least now, we are comforted that Ah Girl will feel more at ease now with Lucky by her side. Till we have the management's approval to bring her back home to stay with Lucky in the enclosure. Safe and sound from any more threat of culling.

Let us recount Ah Girl's story.

Last Tuesday, we attempted to catch her to be sterilised so that there will no longer be any puppies with homes we cannot provide. Alas, we did not succeed.

On Sunday when I called uncle, he said that Ah Girl has not come back since Friday. That was not good news. First thing Monday morning called the authorities and true to the bone, the dog catchers got to her on Friday night.

So Ah Girl was in the pound since Friday night. When we went to bail her out on Tuesday morning, it was a much more longdrawn affair than I expected.

Apparently, dogs around Ah Girl's area have been under the eye of the authorities for years. It is a 20-year problem at that area I was told. However, I emphasised to them that time and again, the wrong dogs were caught.

Remember Ah Boy? A gentle friendly fellow, collared, belonging to uncle. Yet, on the patrols, the dog catchers caught him. Why? He was an easy target I guess.

Ah Boy, caught and destroyed last Sep.

Ah Girl, too, is not the problem that the complaints were targeted at. She is an independent girl, always on her own. Coming into the grounds for food and shelter, ocassionally taking a walk around the neighbourhood. Ever since the dog catchers caught and destroyed Ah Boy, she has been staying close to the grounds cos there are other stray packs at that area (those are the packs that are more wild and people are complaining about), and without the accompanying strength and support of Ah Boy, the wild packs attempted to attack her. She has been fine, no harm done to her as uncle will chase the wild pack away.

So, there we were at 9am, waiting to bail her out, affirming the authorities that we will bring her to the vet to be sterilised, microchipped, but we need time to figure out where we can relocate her to, as it was made very clear to us that we cannot bring her back to homeground.

Our main aim was to bring her out of the pound asap as she looked quite traumatized already with what she has gone through. She was lying expressionless in a corner of the cage, eyeing us suspiciously, wondering what are we humans going to put her thru again.

Leaving that place...

After 3 hours of negotiation and paper work and written confirmation from our vet proving that Ah Girl is indeed going to the clinic to be sterilised, and assurance that she will not be put back to her homeground but will be boarded at ALL, and I must say, a degree of understanding from the head of the authorities which I really appreciate at that moment, they finally released Ah Girl to us.

I would like to believe that the authorities do have a sense of understanding and kindness despite what is seen and felt on the surface. As we were waiting, hour after hour, with just a wooden door separating us and Ah Girl, I wondered -- just how would I react if after all our negotiation, they decided that we CANNOT take Ah Girl out?? I understand it is a matter of proper paperwork, but it does get just to that level of frustration at times. Despite the charged-up morning of events, I am thankful the authorities released Ah Girl to us.

Even though we have not intentionally let Ah Girl stray and be without a licence (we can't get hold of her to begin with), we still have to pay the fines to get Ah Girl out: -

Impoundment fee = $93
Fine for straying = $100
Fine for not being licenced = $200
Boarding at the pound = $49.50
Microchip = $20

TOTAL = $462.50

* The original intention is to board her at ALL after her sterilisation. However, thinking it thru, on what is best for Ah Girl, bringing her to a shelter, even though she will have a measure of freedom at ALL, that will not be what she wants. Being much of a loner, the number of dogs at the shelter could be extremely stressful for her. As of now, she is looking quite depressed at the clinic. Not interacting nor reacting much. Just hiding herself at the furthest corner. I'm not sure what is going thru her mind. But if I am her, all I want now is to go back to my familiar homeground.

This is what makes me both glad and sad that we got her finally, yet, we are given no chance to put her back to her home.

What we intend to do now is to discuss with the management of the building to give Ah Girl a chance, all she needs is a place to stay. The good news is that they are planning a dog run area for Lucky whom they agree to licence under the company's name. But the last time we spoke, they were not agreeable to license Ah Girl. I guess no one wants to be responsible for Ah Girl in case she gets caught again and needs to be bailed out. But now that we have a hold on her, we can bring her back to the building and keep her safely within the dog run enclosure which is an ample spread of ground where she can stay safely with Lucky for the rest of her years. This is the best plan for Ah Girl for now. We are just glad that after so long, finally, Ah Girl has been sterilised as we all had hoped for.

Pray for an open heart on the management's part to agree to formally licence Ah Girl and give her this chance to live her life, without the fear of being caught and destroyed for simply being born a stray. All she needs is a chance.

Resting at the clinic after sterilisation

All in all, Ah Girl's bail, sterilisation, microchip, vax, heartworm test, transport etc... will be about $800+.

We fully appreciate any amount of donations towards this secomd chance we have given her. Pls email
projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg for cheque donation details. You can also donate to DBS Savings Plus 050-5-017652


January 22, 2008

One-month boarding

We're on the lookout for a boarding place for a large-breed dog under foster care for about one month. If you know of any boarding opportunity that offers a good rate (from private homes to responsible pet shops to kennels, or just any clean, decent abode for a dog whose life has dramatically changed from that of stray wilderness to domestication)...

please email us at projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg

Thank you.

What a morning it was,

Ah Girl is now at the vet.

She has already been sterilised, microchipped and vaccinated. Our original intention and involvement to begin with is to sterilise her and put her back where she has been staying for the past 2 years.

However, with this morning's incidents, it is made clear to us there is no way we can bring her back to her homeground. It is with bittersweet, mixed feelings that we now have a hold on her but yet, she can no longer go back 'home' anymore.

It must have been a traumatizing few days for her.

Will update more later.

Ah Girl, on her way out of 'that' place.

January 18, 2008

This Sunday, 20 Jan, bring your dogs

along for some fun events at SKC's Companion Dog Show at Expo Hall 4B.

There will be a Vet Care booth as well from 12noon - 5pm where your dogs can get a free health check from our invited vets, plus discount coupons on microchipping. See you there!

For more details: www.skc.org.sg

January 14, 2008

Unfortunately, we did not

manage to get Ah Girl tonight. We shall try again next week.

Lucky is growing well and strong. A Deepavali babe, he is just beyond 2 months now, a very friendly fellow. When we manage to get Ah Girl next week, we will bring Lucky along to be vax and microchipped as well.

Looking at a pup, any other pup like Lucky, it is a bittersweet acknowledgement that new births are little miracles to embrace. But in the scene of our strays, they are oftentimes ocassions that birth forth dilemmas in questions of rehoming, euthanasia or simply turning an eye and let them be just as they are, make-believing that everything will be just fine. Sometimes, things do turn out just fine. Sometimes, they don't.

We can choose to turn our eyes away from Ah Girl and let it be. Let things just take their own course. Walk away and make ourselves believe that all will be fine. So what if she mates again and births another 5 little Luckys in a few months time, that's just the way things are happening in many parts of our island. So what if the pups get into the hands of dubious figures and suffer needlessly from a young age? So what if they are run over by vehicles or drown in water-deep drains?

We can turn our eyes away and go on with our days. Wash our hands clean. So easily.

Or we can stay on, determined to our cause, and come back another day to try again. And again, if we need to.

Principles are worthless if you do not live by them. In the same light, dreams are devoid of beauty if you do not live them out. Even more, if you do not have the courage to do so.

January 13, 2008

Tomorrow we will attempt to capture

Ah Girl to be sterilised and microchipped. We will succeed. After which, she will be released to her home area where she will live on in safety with Lucky. A good, long life.

As it is said, so shall it be done. Await our good news.

January 3, 2008

Save this girl from being poisoned to death

We were informed by M that some dogs have been poisoned to death.

From M:
"Everyday, these dogs are facing the dangers of being captured or poisoned ... (by who we are not certain). We have talked to the officers requesting them to direct all the dog complaints to us so that we can help to solve the root cause instead of asking ...... to poison them. However, there of no avail! Recently, a batch of dogs were poisoned again! We are very disheartened to know our friends were dead! We brought Happy to JT as she was breathing very hard. Unfortunately, she did not survive the turmoil! Now, we are scared that ...... will come again to place poison food ........ and have alerted the workers to keep a lookout. Unfortunately, these people come only around evening time when the workers knocked off.

There is a particular non-suspecting puppy near the entrance ........ that I would like to call to your help to rehome, if possible. She is such a wonderful female puppy! I have already dewormed her and I'm afraid of her safety if she is going to stay there long for .... to find her. She can be easily captured as she welcome anybody with a wagging tail! If there is a loving home that is willing to accept her, I will get her vaccinated too and happy that life does make a difference to this sweet girl."

Poisoning is illegal by law. Unfortunately, the people who resort to poison to get rid of the strays naturally commit the act in secret, often leaving no trace as to who the culprits were.

Poisoning is cruel. The animals die a slow and painful death. Inhumane. Keep your eyes and ears open if you have any clue and evidence on poisoning that is being committed.

* We are now looking out for a safe home for this girl. She doesn't need much. Many local breeds like her are easy and fuss-free. And in return, she offers a big heart full of love, forgiveness and second chances at human folly. Think about it. All she needs now is for you to give it a thought. To give her a home. To keep her safe. And alive.

Email us at projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg.

January 1, 2008

"Ultimately, our gift to the world

around us is HOPE.

Not blind hope that pretends everything is fine & refuses to acknowledge how things are. But the kind of hope that comes from staring pain & suffering right in the eyes & refusing to believe that this is all there is.

It is what we all need - hope that comes not from going around suffering, but from going through it.

It is in the flow of REAL LIFE, in the places that we live & move with the PEOPLE we're on the journey with, that we are reminded it is God's world and we're going to be okay.

Reclaim your innocence. Rediscover wonder & awe.

Believe that HOPE is real & we can really change the world. Reclaim our idealism & belief & confidence in the big ideas that stirs us deep in our bones.

Never stop dreaming of new ways to live lives of faith, creativity, meaning & significance.

Believe that it is really possible."

It is really possible. Blessed new year to you.