September 30, 2008

While Ben and Jamie remain

to fully recover from heartworm, our 5 are finally reunited as a pack after a month in individual kennels, with occasional group romps in an enclosed area.

Now they are together again in a boarding shelter, in an outdoor enclosure with a newly constructed dog shelter to provide them a resting and hiding place from sun and rain. The enclosure is not very huge but for now, it serves its purpose, mainly as a safe place for our 5, away from constant abuse and dangers on the streets. They are safe now.

Clockwise L to R: Tommy (background), Star, Tiger, Jonah.

We were very glad indeed that the dog shelter was completed in just about our target time for our move, after all the coordination of materials, manpower, dates, costs. All the efforts are worth it as we now see them settling down in their new place.

We are now exploring some opportunities to rehome/relocate a couple of them to a few possible dwelling places, as a longterm plan. Partly cos Tommy is still being bullied, mainly by Tiger, although we were told that it seemed to happen only when we are around. Other times, our pack is pretty well behaved, hopefully!

Meanwhile, the main cost for our 7 now is their monthly boarding fee. As a whole, the amount looks pretty huge for us to settle each month - for our 7 plus Junior and Ginne - 9 dogs. However, individually, once we secure a sponsor for each dog, the amount will be much easier to manage.

As we move on to build up our funds for continuity in our work for the animals, we thank you for your support in sponsoring 1 of our dogs each month or for a period. Each of you who step forward will greatly relieve us to do more for the other animals who walk onto our paths in time.

Email us for information on how you can be a Guardian to our dogs in this season of their life. Many thanks. We'll update on them again soon.

September 28, 2008

Ben & Jamie had their

2nd heartworm treatment injection yesterday noon. Visited them just now, and they were just walked. Both are looking fine. Ben, as usual, crying for all attention, while Jamie was his usual gentle, easy self.

Both will be all strong and well again in about one month's time.

I personally much hope for Jamie to be adopted. And I sorta know that he will be. He is easy like Little Anne who has settled down wonderfully with her family. I am sure Jamie will be an accommodating family companion. Gentle. Sweet. Smaller frame then normal local breeds.

He is a twin to Jonah. Both look almost identical if you're not familiar with them. Jonah, too, has a sweet gentlemanly nature. Here are random pix of Jamie and Jonah - see how alike they are.

* So, do share Jamie and Jonah's lifestory. Let us find them each a good home. And if we are right with our gut feel, these 2 brothers are quite like Little Anne. They would be quite happily settled in a private apartment with daily walks and playtime. Email us at

We will also be making longterm plans for Ben, Jordan, Star, Tiger and Tommy.

September 26, 2008

Ben & Jamie has just taken

their 1st heartworm treatment jab at about 2pm. Our big boy Ben revealed his little boy's heart again when he cried and whined as the needle went down his back. Ending off with a sharp bark to scold the administering vet.

Jamie on the other hand, was gentle and good. No whimper from him. He is looking better too. Alert with good cheer when we picked him up. In comparison, he is not as boisterous as Ben of cos, but I am sure he (and Ben) will make it thru the treatment strong and all healthy again.

They'll have another jab tomorrow noon, after which, a sedentary lifestyle for about 1 month, to be safe for full recovery.

Will update more on them soon. Thank you for all your well wishes and concern for them.

September 24, 2008

"The owner who took in

these abandoned dogs has compassion but no ability to care for them. They are only given one meal a day with limited opportunity to socialize. They are left in 2 rooms from 8am to 9pm every day. The environment is poor; as a consequence, many have ticks and skin problem. If we could not find a home for them, we may have to take drastic actions. They are all very domesticated and have always stayed in the house. "

Sharing the plight of these on behalf of SB, please contact or

Zoe – Female, around 8 years old, curly hair, unsterilized, given birth many times. Latest addition – 4 pups on Aug 21, of which 2 died shortly after birth. Zoe has pleasant personality; she wagged her tail non-stop despite seeing SB for a short while.

Chocolate Boy – male, white and brown pup, barely one-month old. Smarty – male, black pup, barely one-month old. Both ready for adoption in Oct.

Aziz – 7 year old, brown local breed, sterilized, great personality and temperament, hardly barks and always longing for human interaction. Excited to see human friend.

Oktober – Female, black with long hair, local breed about 5-6 yrs old, quiet & gentle. Sits quietly at one place.

Nellie – Female, about 5-6 yrs old, local breed, black & tan, good friend of Oktober.

Davee – female, brown local breed, about 5 – 6 years old. Gentle and quiet, easy going. Currently being treated for ear & skin infection.

* Beyond our 7, there are still these 7 and many more awaiting a helping hand. I believe the tone of the appeal speaks of a willing heart of the owner but lacking resources and ability to provide further for her dogs, that draws a helpless conclusion of releasing her dogs into the wild.

As we can worry, as the owner is probably worrying now - so can we HOPE! Simply change that movie playing in your mind's eye. Pray, hope and see the good of all things to come. That the answer sometimes may not be what we had thought, but believe that it is always the best. For reasons we may not be able to see yet. It is always for our good.

September 22, 2008

Small dog with paw infection needs foster

This is an urgent post responding to an appeal for a foster:

We are urgently seeking for a foster/adoptor for Max (Booch). Max has a bad paw infection and tick fever. As a result, his liver enzymes is high and blood count is low. The treatment has started but he needs TLC to help him recuperate.

Also, as in all tick treatment, it carries certain element of risk, hence, a good environment will certainly help with his recovery.

Max is about 1 year old, a JRT and Maltese cross. He has great temperament but he is not sterilised or paper trained. His current owner is a cleaner who has compassion for abandoned animals but no ability to care for them. Hence, most of the dogs in her house is in a bad condition. We are trying to rehome the animals before worst things happen to them. You can see his fear, swollen paw & bones in the image below.



On immediate hindsight, I thought

we didn't achieve much last Saturday, having done just a few things in a span of 7 hours on the road with V, talking with a prospective adopter, an on-site caretaker of a few packs, taking Mama Rock for her heartworm review, driving Ben & Jamie for their heartworm test, bathing Spotty... but hey, what a productive day it'd been!

Though no visible results, no tangible deliverables, it was a fruitful day and we laboured not in vain, and reaped the fruits of our labour. With good news and learning points of rescue work and education.

After confirming that Mama Rock is CLEAR of heartworms, we can now start our tough lady on heartgard. That's right, Mama Rock stands sturdy on a clean bill of health, no heartworm, no other affliction whatsoever.

The farmer shoved her backside into V's car and said in Mandarin, "Go for your vacation!", and off she was on her ride to Dr L. who assured us with the good news of her condition (or the lack of). Looking at her... gentle on the leash, sniffing out the grass of surburban pavements, there's every reason she'll make an excellent family pet if given to a good owner.

Save for hoarding the random bone, there's absolutely nothing feral or cull-worthy of our motherly Mama Rock who nursed abandoned puppies and kittens before V's eyes and did not flinch a bit during the car-rides back and forth.

In fact, there was something comical about Rock for when we returned to the farm, she refused to get out of V's car but stayed in the backseat. With her feet finally on the ground of the farm, she twirled for a few steps before hopping right on the driver's seat at will, dumbfoundedly staring at V. Something so comical, loving about Mama Rock.

I wish she finds a reliable lifelong family soon.

We may need a foster family

for Ben and/or Jamie after they have their heartworm treatment. So that they can be closely monitored and kept sedentary and quiet as they rest their way into recovery. It will have to be a dedicated guardian who is experienced in dog ownership and care (big dogs), preferably experienced in local breeds. Depending on how Ben and Jamie are, foster care is required for a period of about 2 to 4 weeks.

Please email us at if you can be considered for this. Many thanks.

September 20, 2008

Ben and Jamie will commence

heartworm treatment in the next few days. Stay strong with us in faith that both of them will heal easily and speedily, and regain the vibrancy and joy of good health. That Ben and especially Jamie will be blessed with divine strength and immunity to take them smoothly through the treatment - that will involve 2 heartworm treatment injections over 24 hours to destroy the adult worms in their hearts.

After treatment, they will rest fully for some weeks to let their hearts rest in the recovery period and give their bodies enough time to absorb the dead worms with no ill effect.

Ben and Jamie WILL be fine.

Heartworm treatment plus hospitalisation is quite a costly procedure. But there is no question in going ahead with treatment. To support Ben and Jamie through their treatment and give them back the gift of good health, please email . Thank you very much.

Ben & Jamie - puppy days

Street days

September 17, 2008

Goodbye H

I had always wanted to get my hands on a book meant for owners grieving after their lost pet. I never got down to seeking any professional prescription in this respect, but I guess time gave space for wounds to heal and for me to move on to do greater things. In the belief that an animal's life is no less precious.

Yesterday, H looked almost angelic in the private ward. Putting my hand on his coat as he laid on the quilt, twitching slightly in his dream, I silently said a prayer for all afflictions of pain to go away from his body. I prayed for freedom to come to him, I prayed for divine intervention in the life of a dog meant so dearly to his owner. All these years.

TODAY, H passed away peacefully and now bathes in glory and comfort in heaven. He is running... he is able to run, in the vast fields, and happy as always, tickled by the beautiful things before his eyes. The smells that excite his senses and his heart palpitates with joy.

H, may you rest in peace. Gentle yet majestic, warm and handsome. A delight to any dog lover, and so dear to his owner, who herself is an animal advocate and activist. Who's personally guided me with good foresight, clarity of thought and her level-headedness in my exploration of animal welfare issues.

Her energy to sustain through the challenges of the animal welfare world. So much to learn from my dear friend... her love and true dedication to H.

The loss of a loved one is, literally, a cut on one's raw flesh; a love so tender, so dear and intimate. A dog-owner relationship is sometimes beyond understanding. The grieving, though necessary, will come to an end and mark a future of hope. Of possibilities.

We are with you.

Ben's big mouth yawning in my face ... He was so hyper-fidgety on the car ride - pacing, licking, nudging, licking, whining, licking, lying down, licking, sitting up, licking, ... it was a whole lot of face-licking I got today.

Jamie, looking bright-eyed and much more alert, gums a healthy pink. A tad thinner than I'd personally like.

We'll update more on their health after another vet visit this weekend.

September 15, 2008

We visited Little Anne

on Sat evening. A short but thoroughly pleasing visit. Always a joy to be in her company.

She has this special presence about her that draws you close. An innate gentleness infused with a rugged strength that could only be built in from the days of living on the rough streets she was born to. Both strong and vulnerable at the same moment. Endearing.

As Y put it, this coming together between them and Little Anne is an affinity. A natural connection. We believe in this, more and more, each time we visit.

We now believe together that the future for our 7 is good.

That Ben and Jamie will recover well and speedily after their heartworm treatment which will commence soon. That they will each find their very own home in the right time, and meanwhile, they will settle down well together in their boarding place. That their needs will continue to be provided for by people who believe in what we do.

That the climate of animal welfare and animal rights in our country is moving in a growingly positive direction - where the voices of the voiceless ones become more and more audible, and well represented in a society who is learning to accept that the voiceless ones too have a right to Life, to a space to call their own.

We believe in the good of all things to come.

September 12, 2008

We got to know about Buddy lately

and heard that he's looking for a home.

Buddy's a mixed Terrier, 3 years young. Looking at him, he's a pretty handy size. Smaller than Little Anne. A friendly and smart fellow! He'll make a brilliant companion, with his zest and energy for life. Already microchipped, vaxed and sterilised.

* If you wanna meet Buddy, let us know.

September 10, 2008

Hear their cry

Taken from the Daily Bread Sept 10:

Hear the cries of the powerless, defend their rights and care for them.

Sweet moments of Little Anne

The very first time she feels the comfort of a soft quilt.

Her mat

Ain't she smiling widely?

Comfy and confident moments of Little Anne. She could be well on her way to being pals with PP.

Our hearts are settled. I'm still amazed when I think back to how this came about for Anne. This is surely no coincidence. Such good days for Little Anne must have already been planned for. It's beyond us.

We pray for more miracles such as this.

Revisiting a reply from

the authorities in response to Ah Boy's case when he was caught and culled in Sep 2007 - for straying, which means, he stepped outside the gate of his dwelling place.

One year has come and gone. I guess their stand stays the same.

".... AVA requires all dogs kept by owners to be licensed and when in public places must be on leash. This rule applies also to those dogs kept on the farms. Unless the gate and fence of the premises are properly secured so that the dogs do not escape from the compound, the owners must confine the dogs within the farm by use of leash or kennels or enclosures.

We appreciate people who take in stray dogs, sterilise and license them. AVA does not have a Catch-Neuter-Release (CNR) program for stray dogs as sterilised stray dogs allowed to roam freely on the streets can pose a danger to the public."

September 3, 2008

Jamie is looking better today.

More alert and with more of an appetite. Have hope! He will make it through.

Ben will be ready for treatment in another weeks' time. I'm sure he will make it through too.

September 2, 2008

A lil' concerned as

Jamie and Big Ben are tested [high level] heartworm positive. The management told us Jamie refused to get out of his kennel, while Ben has been refusing to eat, much more than the rest of the boys.

Just last weekend, we paid a visit to our 7 in quarantine, now each confined in a separate kennel due to conflicts among themselves. Starting with Tommy from one end, all the way to Jonah or Jamie (can't remember which one) on the other. When they heard V's car engine, our 7 started yelping like mad, esp. Tiger -- big guy with shrill voice.

So we let them out 3 by 3 to have a run of the hallway to stretch themselves a little, peek over the window ledges and mingle with the humans. All seemed ok, while Tiger had to be forcibly carried into his kennel.

Jamie is on supplements to boost his health in anticipation of the treatment, while Big Ben, being stronger in spite of his high level heartworm infection, should be able to be treated sooner. Just more concerned with Jamie, he might not make it.

September 1, 2008

Today is a day

when I feel that too much spoken, written, shared - may not be such an ideal thing at all times.

Reminded of this when I spoke with C who told me that after many many years on the streets helping in whatever ways she can for the needy animals, she has learnt to go about her work quietly. Very much on her own.

It's something the people who are giving their time and efforts and heart on the streets will understand.

Cos after all, it is for the animals. Not for us. They are why we started doing what we do. And why you started doing what you do.

When enough is enough, we should all stand together and find strength in unity, for that very purpose which we are all aiming for - A better place for our animals. And indirectly, but most certainly, a better place for us all. In an openness and integrity that allows the heart to do some good work in a fresh scene of freedom and encouragement.

Think I should remain silent for awhile now.