June 27, 2008

You don't see,

cos you won't looking. You don't hear, cos you won't listening.

The animals sharing our world - they are as we see them to be. If you see them as voiceless, senseless wild beings, different from us in every way, that they shall be. Thinking them as unable and yourself uninterested or ridiculing the thought of communicating with them, they seem just fillers on earth. To help us humans in work, food, clothing, at best, companionship?

But look again. Listen in stillness. Everything, everyone, is as you see them to be.

The animals - they still are talking to us. They still are looking to you - to be their Protector. As it is always meant to be.

Let them speak with you. Beginning with the ones closest and most familiar. One at a time. So you know best your role with each animal you encounter. To help, to release, to let go. To awake again to oneness.

Good to be back for awhile.

June 24, 2008

We're in the process of

tidying up our account. Because of difficulties in capturing the dogs, we haven't managed to sterilise any animal yet. There are pending receipts to be shown, so if you've donated and would like to know the status of your donation, feel free to contact us at projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg, alright?

Thank you for all your donations and encouraging words so far. More to update!

June 21, 2008

I wish I can do more

but for reason of time and for the sake of sanity, I can't.

June 18, 2008

See the transformation that is SHIN

A quick update that Shin is what he should be -- a healthy dog.

Visited our husky boy last week or so and found him in immaculate shape and spirit. Our boy no longer has any inundation or ring around his neck; his coat is robust; and he's gained so much weight that he looks so handsome -- all a result of proper care.

Thanks to our foster who's spent a great deal to maintain Shin at her personal expenses, and also to send him for sterilisation, which should have been done perhaps five years ago.

Shin was ultra-friendly when he saw me. Apart from normal attention cravings from those around him, he loves his walks, just like any normal dog. We're so glad that he lives in the proper company of other dogs; the home environment is so important.

Until a good permanent home comes along, Shin will reside and continue to grow at the foster's. If you have contacts of good home, do email projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg

Many thanks again for your support.

June 3, 2008

In the meantime, we're facing some

difficulties from tenants and workers of farms; difficulties in getting their cooperation to manage the dogs on their farms. One woman chided V for "dumping" food at her gate; criticised that she's overfed some dogs such that Pepsi (one dominant female owned by her neighbour) is "uselessly fat" and has mauled other puppies to shreds; that we've done nothing to sterilise the dogs [read: Pepsi is sterilised].

On that fateful Saturday, I tried to mediate between both begruding complainant and caregiver, and in the hope to buffer the tension, exchanged contacts with the woman and left with my word that we'd take the still-suckling puppies and mother dog on her farm away next Saturday, if we're allowed into her farm and if she could help us get them -- she agreed.

Subsequently, I found myself contacting a person who didn't respond but went to the extent to spread plenty of sugar at the spot where V usually places her food. The ants-infested spot prevented the dogs from coming over the drain.

Will update more...

Two forwarded text messages

(I've modified them) from a supporter:
"Dear all, this guy, Andy, tel. no. 9004***9, could be a cat abuser and has been rejected by many fosterers and SPCA to adopt a cat. Many of them are aware of that. Please inform caregiver not to give cat if you can."

"FYI, found out the suspected cat abuser, Andy, mentioned he's at Street 91 Jurong West. Refused to give his address. He has been calling catteries to adopt cats."

Animal welfare consciousness is also about being aware of the threats to street animals, and having the acumen to share it with like-minded individuals, in the sole aim to protect the animals.