July 24, 2007

I am deliberating in posting this,

giving it thought and then giving it some more thought, because a part of me feels 'bad' about asking for donations when along the way, we sometimes see how futile our efforts are in combating the issue of strays and the dangers/diseases they face.

It seems that too much money is spent on our strays who may succumbed to the diseases that plaqued them, or caught and culled even after we spent time and efforts and public donations to have them sterilised.

I am still deliberating on this appeal.

July 23, 2007

Posting on behalf

of a concerned member seeking to rehome this boy:

"I came across this male dog (local breed) kept behind a car workshop and has been observing it for a few months. It was chained to a small cage that was previously used to house chickens (before the SARS breakout). The cage has come to be the dog's shelter. The chain is long and thus does allow the dog free movement for about approx. 2m around the cage.

The situation may come across as a case of animal cruelty, however having spoken with the man working at the workshop, the dog was abandoned by its previous owner (who happens to know the people at the workshop). The man provides water and food for him, and about once a week, an old man will give the dog a bath. According to them, the dog has been staying there for at least 2 years. The reason for the chain-up was to prevent the dog from running after moving vehicle.

However I find the living condition of the dog unacceptable. The cage is definitely too small to protect him from heavy downpours (especially during this season) and the blazing sun, save for the small tree behind the cage. On Sundays, the workshop is closed and the dog does not get food and a change of water.

I have interacted with the dog and he is very friendly and knows commands such as Sit & Paw. I was told rehoming chance is very low for such local breed. I am unable to bring him home as I live in a HDB. "

"I have a piece of good news to share. The dog got a new dog house! It is definitely bigger and can shelter him better from the rain and sun. But ultimately, I would like to find him a home. He is a good boy who deserve a better environment with people who love him.I have taken a few shots of him. Handsome fellow. He is estimated to be around 2yrs of age. Has not been sterilised yet. He is very energetic and he can be brought along for a jog too."

Gender: Male
Breed: Local with brown and black marking. Fully grown.
Age: Estimate to be around 2 yrs of age
Sterilised: No

Interested adopters, please contact 9737 5214 or email joanneclm@yahoo.com

July 22, 2007

Animals in Recovery

Another round of visit to our animals who have unwittingly criss-crossed into the paths of humans, and found themselves inflicted with pain. Lives endangered, but are now in good healing.

Brandy - Many months ago, Brandy was found listlessly wandering with the flesh on her back exposed, after burning liquid splashed her. Her skin is back but needs to be 'populated' with hair like every cat else. All these wouldn't have been possible without Y's generous donation -- Thank You!!

Mama Girl (or Goldie) - Wounds a little sore, lost some weight. Mama Girl is the sweetest; to have been dragged along the ground by a lorry and gone through the series of tests, treatment and trauma... Mama Girl is back in the farm and reclaimed her position as the matron of the pack, among the many young dogs under her protective wing. Thanks for the encouragement and donation of many.

Xiao Bai - When we met Xiao Bai, he was wakened up by the farmer, bursting into a series of coughs. Here, we have a farmer who is willing to take care of him, people we meet along the way who render us with the cooperation which make our 'sterilisation and management' efforts work.

Back to the reality

of the strays. Saturday, we paid a long-awaited visit to the community/industrial dogs along the route that V feeds, medicates and manages. Back to the endless cycle of dogs that die and are borned, dogs that injure and recover... dogs who just want to stake a claim on earth for their existence.

In a tone that came from a semi-downtrodeen, semi-cheerful fighter, V commented that the 'fight' to keep the animals alive is endless. The problem repeats, the cycle is vicious, the damage is permanent and there can be no end to this, can there?

But in the midst of this bitterness, the woman finds pleasure in the dogs that prance in delight, play in glee, yelp crazily, tussle with one another jealously. She finds peace in the rural part of a city that eradicates humanity from its social fabric, she finds peace in what she does that does not give her a single cent.

Three puppies at a farm -- the friendliest of the lot among V's route. Under 6 months, one female and two males, and are ready for early-age neutering.

You can tell from her teats, that this mummy dog has given birth, and we don't know where her puppies are. Mummy dog suffers from mange - another killer to all caregivers who ply the unhygienic, forgotten parts of the city.

Our dogs arriving at the sight of V's car and the honk of her horn. Scruffy, in the foreground, always so jolly, despite her repeated pregnancies, the July rain and men who greet them with wires and cages, ready to cull them.

Rottweiler Mama -- Was recently found chained with a heavy metal chain used for construction equipment. V removed the unnecessary shackle and we had to convince the farm owner that chaining is unnecessary, let alone using a metal chain that will burrow a scar around her neck.

One of hernia girl's surviving son. After his mum was supposedly captured and culled, this dog keeps his distance from all humans, but awaits V for his daily nourishment of bread, kibble and meat.

To our horror, this puppy scampered towards us with a face that looked scalded and almost disfigured. V will keep track of his wound. Hopefully, it'll heal naturally and defend itself again infection.

I write this post with a heavy heart, for the problem seems endless. There is just so much we can do with our limited funds and manpower. The only thing that drives our work is the passion, and realisation that things could be better, for sure.

The dogs need our help and their lives, our humane intervention in an environment so harsh and sanitized.


July 20, 2007

In pursuing your dreams in life -

Believe the unbelievable
Receive the inconceivable
See beyond your wildest imagination
Come with great expectations!

So wake the hope that slumbers in your soul. Stir the fire inside and make it glow. The dream you have in your heart now, believe, it will come true.

Girl is much better now

From JT who visited Girl yesterday:

"Thanks so much all for your support and prayers for Girl. JL- thanks again, bless u! I know for sure people have been praying for her, coz she is up on her feet again, but moves about a little unsure and still quite slowly. I took her out of the clinic just now for some sunshine.You should see Girl's face, just standing there by the side, soaking up the sounds of vehicles around her, the smell of the clay from the construction site nearby, and the warm breeze and sunshine.

She actually gave a big yawn as well! :) We walked to the grass patch and she let out a really long pee and 2 big poo poo too! Sorry I'm being so descriptive, but I'm so happy she has finally managed to poo! The vet assistant said she hasn't when I came in. I bought her some chicken and her appetite seemed excellent today! Either that or the chicken smelt really good! Her wounds are drying up slowly.. I stayed with her for about 30 more minutes, and when i was about to go, she wanted to follow too...sigh...She is really a very good girl...didn't bark, just looked back with those doe eyes...."

I reckon it is combination of factors - pain, discomfort, foreign place and people and animals - they all add onto the shock Girl experienced when the vehicle ran over her hinds, and usually when animals (and humans too) are unwell, they just want to rest the body, assimmilation of food reduces and energy levels subside to conserve for healing.

As for not peeing and pooing, we have learnt from encounters that animals used to living in wide open spaces, out in nature, tend to restrain their bowel movements in foreign indoor environments. You would notice that too even for your dogs when they go for their grooming sessions - when they come home, among the first things they do is let out a long .... pee.

Once the animal is back in his/her home ground, the familiarity of surroundings, sights and smells will do well to quicken the healing process. That I believe and I think Girl is well enough to go home soon. She must be looking forward to home. We will bring her back tomorrow.

Thank you JL once again for your very kind donation.

Halle the JRT

This adorable Jack Russell Terrier, Halle, is up for adoption as her current owner cannot have her any longer due to personal reasons. Halle is already sterilised and paper trained. About 6 years old. Pls call Janice 9743-5609 if you can welcome Halle into your home.

July 17, 2007

Just popped by

to see Girl at the clinic. She looks to be still in a daze, listless, expressionless. Lying on her side to relieve herself of the aching pain on her hind which were run over by the lorry.
She has been given antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. The good thing is that there are no broken bones. But the impact and weight of the vehicle surely has caused her a shocking experience and gave her a lot of soreness and pain in the tender areas.

After some coaxing, she was able to lift herself up to sit on her rump, to show us her underside that was dragged against the coarse tarmac, now all sore and red.

She has not eaten since yesterday. She needs to be hospitalised and monitored to make sure she eats something, and more importantly that there is no internal damage to her organs, and she is able to eliminate on her own, before we bring her back to her farm.
We estimate her bills to be about $150. We will be grateful for your contributions. Pls email projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg. Thank you.

Girl was run over

by a lorry yesterday.

She was resting at one of her usual spots beneath a lorry and somehow, this time round, the driver did not check if any dogs were beneath his vehicle and Girl also somehow did not move off at the sound of engine starting.

The wheels ran over the lower part of her body, bruising her hind legs and groin area. On first check, there doesn't appear to be any broken bones but she was visibly in unease and not eating last evening.

She is now at the clinic for examination if her internal organs were injured by the impact. I'll update more later.

Girl has her very own story to tell. We don't know how she ended up in a nature reserve, and thereafter she was taken home by one of the staff who didn't know that she was pregnant. She gave birth in the bathroom one fine morning, to the surprise of the family, who due to circumstances, had to give her away to a farm owner, and that is where she is happily staying with her kids.

That is, only if people will leave them alone and be gracious and open-hearted enough to give them that little space on this vast earth that we share.

We are not the sole occupants on earth. And if we jump at the slightest complaint - without verifying the issue or even attempting to mediate between the parties involved - and leap straight to the convenient conclusion of 'get rid of the dogs', what kind of message are we sending off to the public? It is akin to a family who has 'outgrown' their family pet and for reasons of convenience decides to put the animal to sleep. What sort of message are you sending to your children? Where is the strength and beauty of a responsible character? Where is the graciousness and respect we preach but don't practise ourselves at crunch time?

* Girl's farm is the latest target by the authorities. They apparently received a complaint from a worker at a nearby farm and promptly dispatched a team of 4 dogcatchers to catch Girl and her family there.

Fortunately, one of the farm workers on Girl's farm was present and firmly told the dogcatchers that Girl and her family are ALL STERILISED. By PUBLIC FUNDS. Kind donations from YOU and fellow supporters in this cause.

And 3 of the dogs are already AVA licenced. (there is a cap of 3 licences for each private property, to get more licences, we need to specially request and the 4th licence onwards will cost more.)

We then contacted the authorities to find out exactly what was the complaint that prompted them to go catch the dogs? They couldn't reveal due to issues of confidentiality.

We also queried if they had attempted to verify if the complaint is valid? Fair? Why is there no attempt to inform us since they know we're taking care of that area and have already sterilised and licenced the dogs there?? Why is there no attempt of mediation of any sort and the team is just sent to catch the dogs?

If the farm worker is not present, I wonder how many of Girl's dogs they would have caught and how much we would have to pay to bail each one out.

* Thanks to all who have commented n encouraged us n offered your advice. Yes, we understand there is a limit to talking, discussing, attempting to cooperate at ground level with the authorities cos it appears there are protocols to be followed, and at times, a practice of some semblance of compassion amidst confessions that hands are tied in ways I'm not fully clear of. We have been planning and will bring current issues up to a higher level of authority.

Girl - found in a nature reserve.

Moved to a farm.

On her way to be sterilised (last year). She's beautiful, isn't she?

Depending on the severity of her injuries, Girl may need to be hospitalised tonight. We seek your support in her medical needs. Pls email projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg. Every little bit counts. Thank you.

July 15, 2007


Posting on behalf of Action for Singapore Dogs:

Hi people

FYI, one of our worst cases this year, rescued from a deep drain in Toh Guan. Severe malnutrition, all skin and bones with severe mange over 90% of body. Mange condition is at least 6 mths to 1 yr indicating no treatment sought. Spirit broken, no life in eyes. Most probably abandoned in the deep drain, rather than fell in, as drain was deep and she had not leg injuries. Supposedly in canal for over amonth, but no one bothered to call until now. Now in Punggol recuperating.


Imagine the bewilderment of this abandoned boxer the very moment she was dumped by the family she trusted. And the fear that hit her when darkness fell and she waited in vain for familiar faces to bring her home. The very people who probably paid money to buy her when she was an adorable pup, had probaby found her an inconvenience when lack of good care resulted in illness or less than desirable condition, and instead of resolving the issue, probably found it easier to adopt the 'out of sight-out of mind' mentality, shutting their eyes and heart, treating her as a non-entity, which is the only way a person can reach the point where he abandons his pet.

You can always tell a lot from the eyes. The deep pools of truth that reflect joy or sorrow. These eyes have given up hope after nights of lonely darkness and hunger. They still carry an unbelief even now that she has been rescued. But I am sure in a short period of genuine care, she will regain her faith in our human kind. That's the kind of forgiveness dogs are so capable of.

When you truly forgive, you forget. And never bring it up again.

Let us learn from that.

Do contact ASD to offer your assistance of any kind.

July 14, 2007

Today we passed by

Ah Boy's place and I saw his owner clearing up the food that the workers there usually 'ta bao' (pack) for Ah Boy and his girl companion.

His owner told me when I last popped by to speak with him, that a few of the staff at that area will pack dinner for the 2 dogs, pretty good stuff fit for humans.

As with everywhere else, there are some people who likes them but also some who just tolerate their presence.

Ah Boy is a sweet fellow, pretty laid back and easy, at least the few times that I saw him. His owner told me more about him when I visited one night - stories of a simple loyalty seen more in animals than the human race that warms the heart.

On certain days, when Ah Boy's owner has finished his night security shift in the early morning, you can see Ah Boy choosing to follow his owner back home, faithfully trotting behind the bicycle as his owner weaves through the distance home, which is not that far. Once there, Ah Boy chooses to wait outside the home, knowingly expecting the time when his owner will hop onto the bike again for him to faithfully trot behind, back to the working place. It's like a little game to him, or maybe he is silently assuring his owner, who's quite into his years, that he is with him. A silent way of showing his gratitude for taking him in as a pup.

Not many owners have this kind of relationship with their pets.

As for today,what I saw was another simple and heartwarming scene in life. Ah Boy and his girl companion, side by side, lounging on the early morning cool grass, doing nothing but quietly watching the traffic go by. Body touching body. Mind at ease. All defences down.

Just like 2 good buddies, watching the world go by.

Such is the simplicity of life that makes me smile.

July 11, 2007

"Whatever you focus on,

shall manifest."

Doesn't that mean we should always focus on the Good?

July 8, 2007

More than a month ago,

E emailed us informing of a beagle she has seen who seemed to be chained up all the time. Each time she passes by that household, the beagle is chained to a short chain, attached at an angle to the wall of the porch. The angle is at quite a height, which provides the beagle with lesser leeway to move about in a distance.

For the nature of a dog as a beagle, it must have been distressing to be restricted for the whole day, when you have so abounding energy to share with your human companions and so much scents to sniff out and wondrous stuff to discover just steps beyond that metal gate that never seems to open for a walk for you.

You can't even walk a metre without the chain pulling on your neck.

Such is the life of the beagle seen by E each time she passes by, and she emailed us for help to check on that dog.

Much as I wish to make a quick trip over, I was so tied up with other cases i just couldn't handle this myself, thus informed SPCA and they promptly responded with a home visit. The inspector advised the family on better care for their dog, eg, sharing on the importance of walking their dog regularly, avoid chaining for long periods of time, lowering the height at which the chain is attached so that the beagle is able to walk about a slightly bigger area.

During the visit, the inspector was informed that one of the reason for chaining up the beagle is cos he is aggressive. At that moment, I thought, hey...aggression, if any, could be a RESULT of prolonged chaining rather than the REASON. Any animal, chained up and isolated for long periods will be behaviourally altered in some ways.

After a week, SPCA visited again and the chain was still not lowered. The family explained that it was cos the family was handling some issues and had no time to look into this and promised to do so soon.

It seemed that there is nothing much to be done about this chained up beagle, cos as shared in my earlier post, there are NO regulations in Singapore about chaining up your dog 24/7 so long as the dog has food, water, shelter and the chain is not visibly too tight or too short. A dog can spend his entire 15 years chained up or caged up, and there is nothing the law can nor will do to charge the family for animal neglect/abuse. This is accepted in our country at this moment.

So, after quite some time and having the beagle on my mind all this while, and giving assurance to E that we will make sure we do what we can to better the life of this beagle, having engaged SPCA for assistance, I was visited by nagging thots that I am not doing all that I can -- so we sent out a post for volunteer dog walkers around that area, for which we have a volunteer K who came forward, being herself a beagle owner.

And today, with a last minute change of plan, I could make some time to pop by the beagle's home with JT to take our very own look at the situation.

Before we went there, I was getting myself prepared for an aggressive dog, and thinking ahead of ways to resocialise this fellow before the volunteer walker comes to take him out regularly to offer him the freedom he so desires.

The dog who greeted us the minute we stepped into the home has no shred of aggression in his bones!! He is just a simple, happy, jolly, so welcoming boy that my heart was immediately filled with great relief and also that familiar slight anger at his humans for depriving him of a fuller life.

In short, we took him out for a good long walk. He was putting his sniffer nose into everything he could, ocassionally we broke into a short sprint for him to run off his energy, then we rested at the bus-stop for awhile before bringing him back home.

Always a delight to see an animal enjoying freedom in nature. Regardless of what circumstances we are born into, FREEDOM is the gift each and every one of us has. FREEDOM should never be robbed from us.

The family was friendly to us though and open to advice. It is the usual case of working adults who do not have time for the family pet, though they did explain that they try as much as they can to walk him at nights, and sometimes bring him to the nearby petshop to play with his friends.

We will be arranging with K to meet up with the family to see how she can plan to bring BB the beagle out a few times a week for his much anticipated walks, partly to relieve the family if time is truly the reason, and more so to just give back to BB the joy of freedom that will bring back more happy wags we're all so glad to see.

Thanks JT for helping out!rse case This family, I believe, does try to walk BB at
Yes! A much awaited walk for BB with JT.

Walking on......

....and on.........

Time out at the bus-stop before heading home.
There are many more worse cases like BB out there. This family, I believe, does try to walk BB at night after work, though it is highly suspected that BB's time off the leash is not as often as is desired.For the many chained up/caged up dogs out there, some could be just in your very neighbourhood, DO WATCH OUT FOR THEM. Do not just walk by that household day after day after day, knowing that the animal is wasting away on chains, imprisoned in cages, living a dying life moment by moment, and YOU SIMPLY WALK AWAY EVERY SINGLE DAY....YOU CAN MAKE A LIFE BETTER TODAY. YOU CAN. Just speak up. Let us know. Let SPCA know. Things CAN be better. YOU can make it better.

July 5, 2007

Pet Shop Gradings

For those who are unaware, the authorities have done a good job in grading the pet shops dotted across our island. However, more eyes are still needed to aid the authorities if anything is caught amiss at any time. Please do not hesitate to inform the authorities for further investigations if you spot unacceptable caging, compromised hygiene standards, or animals who look sickly and depressed.

Do not be a passive spectator! Each of us can be responsible for the petshops around our areas. And together, we will be helping to uplift our standards of pet ownership. ACT when you need to.

Current Grades for petshops:

Grading details:

July 4, 2007

Culling can only take place

and continue to take place, when the one who culls, does not know the one being culled.

For once you know, killing will never be the first option.

Not in a society where money and resources are not the issue. It is the DISTRIBUTION of money and resources that creates an illusion of an issue.

What do you think then is the real reason for our authorities in not planning for nor supporting in a Catch-Neuter-Release program?

July 3, 2007

Dog Walkers needed

If you are willing to spare a few hours of your time each week to help walk a dog, pls email us at projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg

We are building up a team of voluntary dog walkers who are able and confident of handling dogs of all sizes and characters, to offer a little measure of relief to dogs who have been seen perpetually chained or caged up in their homes.

We have worked with SPCA and AVA to investigate on cases of chained up/catched up dogs. Unfortunately, again, we do not have a set of regulations that look out for dogs in such conditions. The authorities do not have regulations on a dog being chained up 24 hours s day, so long as their 'basic needs are met' - basic needs herein refering to food, water, shelter.

With these 3 basic needs, a living being can survive, yes. But he/she might as well have died. Imagine a living being, born with the robustness and joy in life, eager to face the world and its adventures, but alas, totally imprisoned with nothing he/she can do to get free. And day after day, his life is in chains. Till the day he gives up his life and experiences for the first time, the sweet taste of freedom.

No one should live a life in chains. Let us not endure that.

A family cannot be charged even if they chained/cage their dog/pet up 24 hours a day, so long as the animal is feed and sheltered and in 'reasonably accepted conditions'. Because the authorities have not set any regulations, welfare societies like SPCA cannot do anything beyond visiting the family, educating them, giving them stern warnings if advice is not taken, showing them ways to improve the life of the animal. But beyond that, nothing much can be done. And no one can be watching this family round the clock to ensure they are making improvements.

While we wait for some positive changes to the legal side of this issue, we plan to speak with the families in question and offer to walk their dogs at a token donation towards stray work. This cannot be done for free else services like this from a kind heart will be taken for granted.

For now, if you live around Serangoon Garden area, please contact us if you can afford a couple of hours in a week to bring some joy to a chained up beagle. If you stay around Hougang area, pls contact us also as we have a dog owner who just had an operation and needs some help with her 2 huskies for the next 4 weeks till she recovers.

One of the most dreaded issues

in pet adoption is when you encounter strange and unreliable characters, whose intentions you do not comprehend.

We have been informed that one owner experienced this unfortunately with her Bull Terrier, Xander.

Xander was treated for chronic skin problems and a bout of benign growths some months back. When he was discharged from the vet, he had a clean bill of health.

Xander is all about loyalty. He may look cool and intimidating but his steadfastness to his owner is all warm and toasty. And it is after much consideration that the owner decided to find Xander a new home as she is unable to care for him anymore due to personal reasons.

Eventually, a young man was introduced who expressed interest in Xander, and after some sessions, Xander was adopted by him. However, a series of unfortunate and frustrating incidents followed where this man failed to show his sincerity for the welfare of Xander: (1) he lied about bringing Xander to the vet when his skin condition recurred, (2) he avoided all phone calls, (3) the address he gave was fake.

The owner has met up with this man a couple of times below his flat near Holland Village, old blocks near the cemetery (Block 12 cluster). However, when they next went to look for him at his unit, they realise the address is fake. Thereafter they have posted posters looking for Xander around the neighbourhood and also enlisted help from animal welfare authorities, but no progress.

The owner is concerned about the implications of getting the police/media involved as this man could possibly discard the dog and feigned ignorance.

We know you may have a lot of questions like how could this have happened, and how it could have been prevented. But for now, let's stay focused on the issue on hand and try to locate Xander. That's most important.

* Please inform your contacts around Holland Village area to look out for a Bull Terrier like Xander, handled by a young man of about 30 years. And inform 8157-8648 immediately if you have any news.

Thank you.