February 24, 2009

This post is dedicated

to letting the world know Chocho, our chocolate-brown, medium-sized female dog who, a few months ago, was caught by use of wire cables and 'redeemed' to life. After an episode of what must have been traumatic to this already-ostracized dog.

Last weekend, J took the effort to walk her on a leash, out to get some fresh air, her paws on grass, the warmth of tarmac and the sunlight beaming on her soft chocolate coat.

Still skittish in demeanour and near-terrified in the way her eyes scanned her surroundings, Chocho was tugging against the leash quite a bit and possibly during her walk in the compound, her mind was nothing but disoriented and escape was the only idea that occurred to her.

For our girl sought the darkness of the shade under stationary cars and seemed for many moments to go for places that are cavernous, tunnel-like and dark. Maybe it's always been what she finds comfort in. A dark quietness; alone but nevermind that.

Two months down the road, she still shivers inwardly and flinches when we go so far as to touch her. It seems, everything is so alien to her, so coarse to her feel. Even with familiar smell of chicken meat, she would only go so far as to sniff it in apprehension and continue, as always, to treat us with terrified, starkly popped out eyes.

There's no way we can return her to the community and it's become rather tricky to even integrate her into existing packs at other shelters. Naturally 'lower' in the pack hierarchy, she's piteously short of confidence, as well as even the strength to fend off more dominating dogs in any pack.

If anything, Saturday's walk complements the boarders' efforts to (re)socializing her to the outdoors, to humans and other dogs. We will continue to do what we can to make sure that we didn't bail her out for negligible worth but extend this new lease of life. Our resources, our experience with the strays and in dog behaviour, our support, and our heart to boost things up for her.

Undeniably, Chocho needs help.

And in this move, we would like to ask for an extremely experienced, and at the same time, patient, foster to take Chocho in. The role of the foster is more often than not an emotionally-ridden one, but in this guardianship of Chocho, it will be doubly rewarding if he/she can totally rehabilitate a skittish, wary girl and transform her with a new lease of life.

In this foster home, we foresee a safe home environment devoid of any escape gap or route. A home to keep her within securely, a care to resocialize her and integrate her to urban life.

It's been possible with many dogs of miraculous stories, those who live to tell their tales. I believe it is possible for Chocho, a redeemed girl to experience the exuberance of life. If you are or know of anyone we're looking for, please email projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg

Thank you.

J walking Chocho on leash. Chocho's first time being leisurely walked on leash, apart from the time we first moved her into the kennels

J patiently leading her on the leash

Chocho in the kennel -- look how beautiful she actually is!

In this picture, she adopts more of a cowering stance, etched into the corner of the kennel

Chocho's Profile
* Background: Brought up on a farm and constantly marginalized by dominant dogs. Mixed with selective individual dogs and was heavily reliant on caregiver for food and comfort. Caught by authorities and discharged a few days later.

* Sex: Female

* Age: One year old

* Colour: Soft chocolate brown fur

* Size: Medium and manageable in an apartment

* Sterilised: Yes, and experienced her first heat

* Microchipped: Yes

* Vaccinated: Yes. 2nd booster to be given this week
* Health: Generally healthy. Infected with mange when young but completely recovered now. Like most mongrels, she's hardy.

* Personality: Skittish, wary, low-confidence, fearful, not fussy about food

* Requirements: In need of foster to resocialise/rehab her with walks, patient conditioning and consistent training; comfort and trust she needs to gain of her leader. Can be ok with existing dogs in residence.

* Current location: Shelter

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