November 25, 2008

You can be their Guardian

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Dear supporters

We move on. Strengthened in our united resolve to be the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of our silent animal friends.

We hereby seek your support to be a GUARDIAN to our 7 dogs

They've come a long way from daily abuse, accidents and threats of culling on the streets. Now safely residing at a shelter, we have hopes of good homes for them to come. Especially for Jamie and Jonah who are small in built, sweet-natured and easier to handle.

We thank you for your support in varying amounts for the past 2 months.

* To enable us to concentrate our time and efforts on more needy cases on the streets, we wish to secure a Guardian for each of our 7, from December onwards. To support 7 dogs each month is quite an effort. But if you are willing to be a GUARDIAN of ONE of them, it will be very manageable. Pls email us for more details.


~ Ben, Tiger, Tommy, Jordan, Jamie, Jonah, Star ~ (Anne is under Foster Care at the moment)

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