April 15, 2007

Updates on petshop closing down

We initially thought it could be a hoax when the handphone number given was routed to a Singtel message, 'number not available'. Adding to that comments on dog forums that it was a hoax, we almost believed it.

By the timely help of L who personally drove down to Joo Chiat to search out the truth, only then did we know that it is a true fact.

The petshop is Animal Street at Joo Chiat. The owners were in the midst of closing the shop, which was locked, with a sign "No more dogs" on the door.

L tried to get in and also tried to get the attention of the staff inside the shop but they did not respond. I tried calling the shop telephone but they also did not pick up.

We later made a few calls to key people in the animal welfare scene and the latest news we got was that all the dogs have been sold. To who and for what purpose, we do not know. Let's hope they have all gone to good homes.

Whether this is a genuine appeal or an emotional ploy of the petshop to help 'get rid' of their stocks, it brigs to mind one big question - What happen to those animals in various petshops, who are not sold? Why don't you try asking the next petshop you step into - where do their dogs go if they do not get sold? And please do share with us the replies you here. It will be interesting to know.

Thanks for all of you who have contacted us with concern and offers to help.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I received this sms too. Called but number not in use. It is too bad of these people to play with other's sympathy if it really is a ploy to "get rid of their stock". Really DESPICABLE in fact.

I too wonder what happens to animals that "remain in stock" in petshops. Do they have an expiry date? What happens when the expiry date comes close? I will ask the next petshop i go to, and post their answer here.


Anonymous said...

From what I heard from a few sources, puppies or kittens that have outgrown the "cute" stage and are unsold are put down. My personal thoughts, the value of the animals are in its rarity. If you let it be adopted and people find out, people might start to eye but wait till the pup or kitten is past "shelf life" and then swoop in to adopt for free. Hence for pure economics, it is better to put the animal down.

Stephanie said...

Hi, just to let you guys know. The matter has been clarified in AsiaOne and the link is in my url. Thank you for the concern and support from you guys, hope that the link will be more useful in understanding what really happened. Thanks.

M* said...

Hi, I'm Mariam. I'm sorry for not picking up your call. Due to the overwhelming response, I actually switched my phone off.

This whole thing has gotten out of hand, so AsiaOne did a report on it t clarify the matter.

It would be good if you read the article & maybe keep you readers updated with the TRUTH.


Anonymous said...

Unsold dogs are sold to the breeding farms and breed till they are of no value.