January 21, 2010

It's either these 4 pups are surrendered

to SPCA. Or we give it a try, to get them a home. If not all 4, then at least 1.

Right this moment, many many young lives are being born or weaned, while old lives are slumbered in rest. Life and death, a continuous cycle. The only difference? Where you are born.

Big Boy Russell (Rusty)

2nd boy - Ray

Girl - Little Anne

Girl - Little Beth

These 4 pups are born in a farm where there are a few wary females and males, uncatchable. Home for these 4 pups is a wet, dirty, gritty ground between slabs of bricks, under a container. As they grow and get more playful, the farm area is unsafe with vehicles coming to and fro.

Home for now

We will try to rehome them. If not 4, then at least 1. In the reality of stray work with limited resources and very few people stepping forward to adopt, despite varying opinions and statements, unwanted puppies are surrendered to SPCA.

* Pls email us at projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg only if you've experience with local breeds/big dogs, and have thought thru entirely about the difficult phase of looking after a very young pup - the whining, nipping, pee/poo-ing all over the place etc.. - and the 10-15 years lifelong commitment to a full grown adult dog. No matter what.

We hope u understand the difficulties involved in rehoming, and that we only want the best for these animals.

* Pls also email us if you can support with donations, dog food, neem/tea tree oil and sprays, thank you.

* Local breeds/mongrels grow to be medium-sized dogs and are not legally allowed in HDBs.


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Hey , Ive emailed you.


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It's wonderful to see all the good karma you are accumulating. Kudos for a job well done.