January 7, 2010

Little Oliver has left the construction site

An eventful day. With 3 dogs sent to the vet for sterilisation, we were later informed by workers at a construction site that there is a puppy.

When I walked further into the site, I was saddened to see a very young pup, lying lifeless beneath a bench. His neck area was wet with an unknown substance. Fleas crawling all over his baby face and worms made his little tummy appear bulging like a sack. He looked weak and sick, and could bearly walk, stumbling as he tried to get up.

Once we brought him into the car, his hunger drove him to sniff out the box of char siew bao we had, his weak little body suddenly alive cos his hunger was so strong, he used his little strength to paddle towards the scent. He ate and drank, clearly his last meal was very long ago. We then took him to the vet to be treated for fleas and dewormed. And he later came home with me.

Although I had only known him for a few hours, this little boy has a loyal heart. He at times turns back to look at me with his puppy-round eyes. And when I placed him on the sofa or floor to lie down, he will look up at me, and moved to place his head on my lap, or just his body next to me. He comes when I call. And he sits still to be wiped clean. He even knows to poo on the newspaper!

This boy has won my heart. And we have decided to give him a second chance. He will grow up to be a medium sized dog. We are looking for someone who is familiar with local breeds and is willing and able to raise up a very young pup, who may whine and cry at night (but he will stop as soon as you place him near you), needs to be trained and forgiven for his puppy mistakes for now.

Someone who understands the commitment to the lifetime of an animal. Pls email us at projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg to discuss more on a little special boy I think I will name Oliver, maybe? Little Ollie.

To support Little Oliver's second chance in life, pls donate to POSB Savings 108-15188-9. If you would like to donate puppy milk formula, puppy kibbles (we're giving him Natural Balance puppy kibbles now) or pee pads, pls email us at projectjkteam@yahoo.com.sg . Thank you.

Project JK's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#/album.php?aid=188688&id=185453072387&ref=mf

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