September 15, 2008

We visited Little Anne

on Sat evening. A short but thoroughly pleasing visit. Always a joy to be in her company.

She has this special presence about her that draws you close. An innate gentleness infused with a rugged strength that could only be built in from the days of living on the rough streets she was born to. Both strong and vulnerable at the same moment. Endearing.

As Y put it, this coming together between them and Little Anne is an affinity. A natural connection. We believe in this, more and more, each time we visit.

We now believe together that the future for our 7 is good.

That Ben and Jamie will recover well and speedily after their heartworm treatment which will commence soon. That they will each find their very own home in the right time, and meanwhile, they will settle down well together in their boarding place. That their needs will continue to be provided for by people who believe in what we do.

That the climate of animal welfare and animal rights in our country is moving in a growingly positive direction - where the voices of the voiceless ones become more and more audible, and well represented in a society who is learning to accept that the voiceless ones too have a right to Life, to a space to call their own.

We believe in the good of all things to come.

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